NÖR Denmark’s winter collection 2016 is taking you back on a journey through time. The inspiration to the collection’s colours, materials and silhouettes are to be found in the peculiarities of the nature and in history. Uniqueness which is only discovered, when you remember to look a little closer - rocks with drawings from the weather, trees with beautiful trunks. The focus in this collection has been “the search for uniqueness”.

NÖR Denmark wish to turn back the clock - back to a time when we dared. The designer Kirsten Nør has designed clothing to the style-conscious woman, who dares to stand out from the rest and to be noticed. With the 2016 collection NÖR Denmark aims at creating unique designs that will make every woman feel truly special.

We hope that you will welcome the AW 2016 collection and that you dare to be with us “back in time”

Enjoy !