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Summer collection 2015 from NÖR Denmark.

The digitization has created a constant need to be online. This leads to the fact that silence and simplicity are limited resources in our community, since technology is constantly making noises. Therefore, I seek in this collection back to simplicity and unobtrusive appearance. We are going back to the sacred place, where we can rest when we need a break from the everyday bustle. As something new we used materials, which cling to the body in a delicious and convenient way. As something new, NÖR Denmark introduces in this collection organic Egyptian cotton as well as army and turtle print. Each model is designed based on an awareness of the fact that fashion does not have to have an expiry date. Instead the summer collection 2015 reflects long lasting fashion, which can always be taken out from the closet. Join us back to the simple life where you will find tranquility and where we can be proud of the values that each of us represent.

Have a great summer!